[GRASSLIST:2956] vector point icon + nviz vector 5.7 area paint

francesco.pirotti francesco.pirotti at unipd.it
Tue Mar 16 15:10:20 EST 2004


Two curiosities:
I peeked into the folder symbol/basic and symbol/demo which contains the 
script to represent the choices of icons to represent a vector point or 
centroid.  I added the X and the two symbols in the demo folder (a tree and 
a mushroom icon) in d.m and everything worked fine.

Can I have some info on the syntax for making my own symbols?  I saw that 
one can draw a line, or a polygon or an arc.  Is there anything else?  Can 
these scripts support loops?

All these questions because I would like to make a meshed symbol, like a 
checker board where the white squares are transparent so that my symbol has 
transparency.  The problem is that if the size gets bigger the mesh grows 
larger, and thins out the elements instead of keeping the mesh resolution 
and simply increasing the number of elements.

NVIZ:  I did not manage to draw 5.7 vector polygons and or centroids/points 
but only lines.  Is it my problem or is it still under construction??

Francesco Pirotti

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