[GRASSLIST:2971] grass/linux first plunge

Dan Jacobson jidanni at jidanni.org
Wed Mar 17 16:47:12 EST 2004

>>>>> "S" == Sander  <gisoline at lycos.nl> writes:

S> With all respect to Linux, I wish to install a distribution on my
S> home PC for running GRASS GIS and am now in doubt which Linux to
S> choose (redhat, mandrake, debian, other?). Do you have

Debian by far: large team. I use its "sid" version.

S> any clues about this? However I must warn you, I did not know what
S> 'GNU' was until two weeks ago, but I know what UNIX is, does that
S> help maybe? A search on internet gives me the feeling that GRASS is
S> not working smooth on all distribitions, true not true? Could you
S> give me any hint on this (almost feel embarassed to ask a celebrity
S> like you the question, but I believe you got famous just by knowing
S> a lot, so guess I still better ask you)?!

I am more famous for not knowing things, so let's CC your question to
where indeed, we see the thread
[GRASSLIST:2857] Markus should become the new Debian Grass maintainer

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