[GRASSLIST:2998] rubbersheeting in GRASS5

Benjamin Ducke benducke at compuserve.de
Sat Mar 20 07:06:15 EST 2004

Hi there,

is there a way to rectify an arbitrary cell map in GRASS
without having to go through the full-blown ortho-photo
rectification process?
I have a number of air-photos that I would like to fit
over a topographic map. However, I have none of the required
information on camera, flight data, etc, so I do not seem
to be able to use the ortho-rectification modules.
What I am looking for is a simple process that lets me
select some source points on the air photo, than assign target
points on the topo map to them. It should then rotate and "stretch" 
the photo so that the source points are most closely matched
to the target points. I have no need for high precision results.
Is there a way to do this in GRASS?
Does anyone know about an open source software which can do
this sort of rubbersheeting? If so, I would gladly adapt
it into a GRASS 5.3 module!



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