[GRASSLIST:3026] m.proj2 input file format

Martin du Saire mdusaire at umn.edu
Wed Mar 24 13:09:42 EST 2004


I am attempting to use m.proj2 to transform lat/lon data to eqdc projection 
(Equidistant Conic).  Command line seems to work fine:

 >-100 45
-628278.882116  362641.875369

However with an input file...

Input file:

45 0 0.0 -100 0 0.0

Output file:

11723467.724040 7394856.374043 0.0 -100 0 0.0

Now what am I doing wrong?



In case there is something conceptually wrong, I have included the 
input/output projection parameters I am using.

Input projection parameters:

Ellipsoid: GRS80

Output projection parameters:

Ellipsoid: GRS80

Ref Lat: 42N
Std. parallel 1: 37N
Std. parallel 2: 47N
Central meridian: 92W
Units: meters

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