[GRASSLIST:3029] r.in.gdal having trouble with a section of LandScan (ESRI GRID format)

Geoffrey Williams geoffreyfw at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 24 23:03:02 EST 2004

Hello All-

I have been working with Grass5 and am having an odd

I am working with the LandScan dataset
(http://www.ornl.gov/sci/gist/landscan/) , and all
sections have been loading fine with r.in.gdal, with
the exception of part of India, where I get a "rip"
across part of the data. Specifically, a rectangle
roughly from 76:00 East to 78:08 East and from 28:40
North to 28:36 North loads as null (since the LandScan
data is at 30''x30'' this is about 8 by 256 squares by
my count). 

I get an error message when r.in.gdal is loading the
LandScan data set:
"Warning 1: Unsupported Arc/Info Binary Grid tile of
type 0x20 encountered. This and subsequent unsupported
tile types set to no data value"

I am in contact with Oak Ridge (who prepare the data
set). They are being very helpful, but they have no
trouble loading it and have never heard of this

Can anybody suggest a way to work with the ESRI GRID
file to get rid of the 0x20 data and let the rest of
the rectangle load properly? Or is there another way
to approach this?

Thank you,

Geoffrey Williams

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