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Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Sat May 1 02:22:23 EDT 2004


Do I understand that this means 5.3 will become the new stable release? 
I heartily support this. I've been using 5.3 for 6 months now on Mac 
OSX. It is stable and, IMHO, a better version than 5.0.3. I realize 
that there have been some problems with other systems. However, Glynn, 
Richard Greenwood, and others seem to have fixed nearly all of these 
for Windows/Cygwin and it seems from the traffic I've followed that 
many (most? all??) of the prior issues with Linnux systems have been 
solved. I think Scott Mitchell will be adding the new I did menus to 
the CVS in a few days.

One question, if this goes from development to 'production', will it 
switch from 5.3 to 5.4?


Michael Barton

On Apr 30, 2004, at 10:01 PM, Multiple recipients of list wrote:

> On Fri, 30 Apr 2004, Thomas Adams wrote:
>> Glynn,
>> I'll heed your advice. At this point would I be better off going to
>> GRASS 5.3 (which I understand is still under development)
> IMHO being under development is a good point as it means bugs are being
> fixed. I would highly recommend to use 5.3.
> I said to Helena that if no-one else does, on 15 May I will tag the CVS
> head and prepare a 5.3.0 source code release containing the content of 
> the
> CVS head as of that day.
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