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Chet Walker chetwalker at mail.utexas.edu
Mon May 3 12:11:59 EDT 2004


I am new to GRASS, GIS and UNIX . . . . as you would expect i'm 
having learning curve issues.  I'm trying to use grass for my 
dissertation that entails very basic things like plotting several 
different types of archaeological materials as well as a bit more 
advanced issues such as plotting and processing geophysical data 
(collected with a magnetometer and conductivity meter).  I have read 
Neteler and Mitasova's book on GRASS and consulted several online 
tutorials and faq's.  Does any one happen to know of a tutorial or 
faq specifically targeted for archaeologists or perhaps know of a 
general introduction course on GRASS?

Thank you much,

Chet Walker

Chet Walker	312.857.7629
Research Assistant
Department of African and Amerindian Art
The Art Institute of Chicago

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