[GRASSLIST:3337] svg output in grass5.7

hamdi ines hamdi_ines2003 at yahoo.fr
Mon May 3 14:15:20 EDT 2004

I m newbie in grass and I have many questions:
1.I want know if possible that I convert the GML file to SVG (scalable vector graphics) with GRASS5.7 installed in my linux platform and how?: I have an xml file that i converted it to gml format with ogr2ogr command, and now i want display a gml map using SVG.
2. it's necessary to install SVG viewer or other tool to read svg format?.
3.It's possible to convert in grass5.7 the external vector  format like ESRIi, mapinfo,.. to GML format.
4.It exist a tool in grass that can detect the format or the signature of the different input data.

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