[GRASSLIST:3356] cygwin and the R-Grass Interface

Matthew Tennant Matthew.Tennant at MobileInnovation.co.uk
Wed May 5 07:13:29 EDT 2004

Hello Grasslist,
                I am hoping to use the R-Grass interface to perform 
kriging on a number of discrete surface points to create a surface. (as 
r.surf.krig is not supported I think) I am running the Windows port of 
GRASS 5.0.2.What I would like to know is - how do I get this going with 
Cygwin? I have installed R from CRAN (Windows download) and that just 
seems to be a Windows point and click GUI - very nice but it doesn't seem 
to interface with GRASS. If I type R at the cygwin prompt when in GRASS, 
the command is not recognised. I must be missing something here - can 
anyone help? (Do I need to install the Linux version of R and run under 



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