[GRASSLIST:3360] Re: landsat5_bsq

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Wed May 5 19:37:37 EDT 2004

Maciek Sieczka wrote:

> I've downloaded Landsat 5 data from the
> ftp://ftp.glcf.umiacs.umd.edu/glcf/Landsat/WRS2/p191/r025/LT5191025008419310
> They are provided as 7 separate bands in raw files (gzipped).
> I managed to load them into a Grass 5.0.3 location with r.in.bin, but the
> resolution I get is different from the one specified in a *.HD file shipped
> with my Landsat 5 data set. In the *.HD file it's 28.5 both the NS and WE
> but in Grass I get something around 30, and the NS and WE res differ. I'm
> also not sure if I use the proper corner coordinates.
> Should I use some other Grass program? If not - what should the r.in.bin's
> options be exactly in my case?
> the LT4191025009219110.HD file is listed and a thumbnail image shipped by
> the data provider is attached

> UPPER_LEFT_CORNER=0141500.0042E,0511547.6328N,447671.547,5679365.027;
> UPPER_RIGHT_CORNER=0165706.5136E,0505151.0288N,637351.781,5636535.711;
> LOWER_RIGHT_CORNER=0162013.7030E,0491632.8889N,597259.322,5458976.331;
> LOWER_LEFT_CORNER=0134309.6950E,0493942.1275N,407579.088,5501805.647;

This data isn't aligned to any known coordinate system, so you can't
just import it directly. You would need to use e.g. i.rectify to
transform it to the desired coordinate system.

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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