[GRASSLIST:3368] Re: landsat5_bsq

Maciek Sieczka werchowyna at pf.pl
Thu May 6 17:54:41 EDT 2004

From: "Glynn Clements" <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

> > UPPER_LEFT_CORNER=0141500.0042E,0511547.6328N,447671.547,5679365.027;
> > UPPER_RIGHT_CORNER=0165706.5136E,0505151.0288N,637351.781,5636535.711;
> > LOWER_RIGHT_CORNER=0162013.7030E,0491632.8889N,597259.322,5458976.331;
> > LOWER_LEFT_CORNER=0134309.6950E,0493942.1275N,407579.088,5501805.647;
> This data isn't aligned to any known coordinate system, so you can't
> just import it directly. You would need to use e.g. i.rectify to
> transform it to the desired coordinate system.

I'm not sure what you mean. They are somewhat "projected".
I mean I know the corners coordinates.

UPPER_LEFT_CORNER is 14d15'00.0042"E 51d15'47.6328"N which is 447671.547E
5679365.027N meters in the UTM, zone 33, WGS84

And so forth.

As you said I rectified the raster myself (using coords as above).

I get results close to reality but there is a shift of about 1 km beetwen
the rectified raster and an other TM of the same area - a geotiff which I
believe to be pretty well projected (verified with a topo map).
Also the resolution of the rectified raster is different than the "28.5
meters" stated in the *.HD file.

Do you have a clue what may be the reason?

What "order of transformation" should I use for the i.rectify?

How do you think: which points in the raster the coords listed above refer
to? - the black border corners or the "beginnings of the picture" itself?
(the thumbnail attached)

Maciek Sieczka
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