[GRASSLIST:3388] Re: Removing boundaries on vector maps

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Tue May 11 03:58:10 EDT 2004

On Monday 10 May 2004 22:15, Luis E Menoyo wrote:
> I'm in the same predicament.  I've got a series of 7.5min DLGs (hydro,
> transpostation, boundaries) that I have v.patch'ed together and am now
> looking for a way to remove the duplicate border vectors.
> According to the 5.7 manual entry for v.patch:
> "Any vectors that are duplicated among the maps being patched together
> (e.g., border lines) will have to be edited or removed after v.patch is
> run.  Such editing can be done automatically using v.clean (tool=svtlx). "
> I received undesirable results when running v.clean tool=rmdupl.  After
> running the command many boundary vectors remained and several vctors
> depicting actual features were removed.  

v.clean tool=rmdupl should remove only one of duplicate features.
'break' tool should be usually run before 'rmdupl'.
Can you extract (v.in.region, v.select) a part of data where 'actual features 
were removed' by repeated 'rmdupl' and send it to me (coor file)?

> It may be that if the boundary
> lines were not set as a particular category they may have to be removed
> manualy using v.digit.
> Can anyone here shed some light on the subject?

If I understand it well, you want remove the boundary of quad from all
patched maps. This should be done before v.patch. Does not exist
any attribute, which can distinguish the boundary from lines?
How the data was imported, can you send a link to the data on the Web?


> Thanks,
> Luis.
> SWlab <swlab at cornell.edu>
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> Hello,
> I have a number of vector maps, each representing stream paths over a USGS
> 7.5' quad. The boundaries of the quads are present on each map. Is there a
> scriptable way to remove those boundaries before or after patching the
> maps ?
> Thanks for any hint

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