[GRASSLIST:3416] GRASS scripting question

Thomas Adams Thomas.Adams at noaa.gov
Sat May 15 15:10:50 EDT 2004

I have generated 8760 (hourly) maps of radar precipitation fields that I 
need to sum to monthly (and daily) totals using r.mapcalc within a Perl 
script. I have tried *EVERYTHING* I can do with this but I keep getting 
an error related to the shell not properly handling '+'. Namely:

$cmd = "r.mapcalc ". $newmap . "=". $map1; 
system $cmd;    <--- this works just fine.

But when I try:

$cmd = "r.mapcalc ". $newmap . "=". $map1 ."+". $map2; 
system $cmd;    <--- this fails.

saying that "+map2" is an invalid command, but the "r.mapcalc 
".$newmap."=".$map1 part suceeds. I have also tried using:

$cmd = "r.mapcalc ". $newmap . "=". $map1 ."\+". $map2; 

When I try using Perl's 'join' command I get the same error.

How do I do this in a script? Obviously, at the GRASS prompt, 
interactively, r.mapcalc works for me.


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