[GRASSLIST:3450] writing ascii files from two different raster maps

Jaime Carrera jaicarrerahdez at yahoo.com
Thu May 20 10:52:22 EDT 2004

Hi all,
I'm trying to write a module in order to write an ascii file from two or more different raster files. Can I use two different options or should I use the multiple = YES option in G_define_option(). To clarify my question I have the following examples: 
inputone-> key            ="firstinput";
inputone-> type           =TYPE_STRING;
inputone->required       =YES;
inputone->gisprompt    = "old, cell,raster";
inputone->description   ="Name of input layer no 1";
inputtwo-> key            ="secondinput";
inputtwo-> type           =TYPE_STRING;
inputtwo->required       =YES;
inputtwo->gisprompt    = "old, cell,raster";
inputtwo->description   ="Name of input layer no 2";
input =G_define_option()
input-> key            ="firstinput";
input -> type           =TYPE_STRING;
input->required       =YES;
input->multiple       =YES;
input ->gisprompt    = "old, cell,raster";
input->description   ="Name of input layer";
In case I need to use the second case, how can I control the way in which the ascii file is written (I need to write in the ASCII file other parameters between each raster layer).


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