[GRASSLIST:3481] Re: Grid 3D and 5.0.3

Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Mon May 24 17:54:38 EDT 2004

Hello Roy

On Mon, 24 May 2004, Roy Sanderson wrote:

> Hello Grass-users
> I'm currently using Grass 5.0.3 (stable) on RHL 7.3, and would like to use
> the Grass 'Grid 3D' commands.  Does this mean I have to upgrade the whole
> installation to Grass 5.3 (was 5.1), or is it safe to add the Grid 3D
> modules on as additions to the existing 5.0.3 installation?

The version of G3D in 5.0.3 has a lot of bugs if I remember correctly. 5.7 
is actually what was formerly known as 5.1 and you don't need to make 
that radical a change just to use the updated G3D:
5.3 is just an update of 5.0. There is now a released version, 5.3.0 (see 
http://www.geog.uni-hannover.de/grass/announces/announce_grass530.html ), 
which you should try. You can install it alongside 5.0.3---they will install
into separate directories and have different start-up scripts (grass5 and
grass53) so you should be able to evaluate it without disturbing your 5.0.3


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