[GRASSLIST:3500] Re: GRASS in geophysical applications and archaeology

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Thu May 27 01:46:39 EDT 2004


Glad this was helpful. Over the past year, I've made a concerted effort 
to get to know GRASS and started teaching it in classes (the best way 
to learn something). It is really amazing what it can do, even if it is 
sometimes a bit klunky.

Re: integrating geophysical data into grid3D, I have to first admit 
that I haven't done this yet. However, v.vol.rst interpolates xyz point 
data into volumetric shape. I seem to remember other ways to do this 

I'd very much like to see your white paper. I'll look forward to it 
next week if you manage to get it sent around.


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On May 26, 2004, at 10:01 PM, Multiple recipients of list wrote:

> Do you have any specific thoughts on how to integrate volumetric
> measurements into a geophysics infrastructure?
> If everyone agrees, I would like to get started on summing up
> the discussed items so far and creating a first draft white paper.
> I have a heavy workload right now but am pretty confident
> that I would be able to finish it over the weekend and mail
> it around at the start of next week.
> Good enough?
> Cheers,
> Benjamin

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