[GRASSLIST:3540] Re: script for importing Terra-ASTER data

Zbigniew Perski perski at us.edu.pl
Fri May 28 17:23:14 EDT 2004

Dear Paul,

 As I did, you are trying to georeference subdataset 1. This is NOT  
image band 1. This is the metadata and GCP's for image bands 1-3 VNIR.

So, now I understand my frustrations!

  To actually georeference image band 1, you need to indicate 
subdataset  2. The relationship between images and subdatasets is listed 
at the  bottom of the output to gdal-info. In brief, it is

> band 1=subdataset 2, 2=3, 3n=4, 3b=5, 4=8, 5=9, 6=10, 7=11, 8=12, 
> 9=13,  10=16, 11=17, 12=18, 13=19, 14=20. Subdatasets 1, 5, 6, 7, 14, 
> and 15  are reserved for metadata and GCP's.


> If Level 1A can be georeferenced, I can easily make the change to the  
> script to let you select them via a flag.

This I think will be helpfull for many people since L1A data are more 
frequent in ASTER database (as I remember 2 years ago L1B was realy rare.).

> Also, I suspect that MODIS  images work much the same way as they come 
> from the same organizations  and use the same hdf format. If so and 
> someone could send me the output  of gdal-info for a MODIS image,

For MODIS not, but for ASTER 1A I can send you some outputs in monday if 
you wisch. I Have not MODIS data in this moment.

> I could try to either include MODIS in  an expanded r.in.aster or make 
> a companion r.in.modis.
It will be great too I think!

Many thanks


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