[GRASSLIST:5007] Re: Still having database trouble.

Nick Cahill ndcahill at facstaff.wisc.edu
Sun May 30 15:07:22 EDT 2004

Good luck with this. I did get the database link to work with an older  
version of 5.7. I think that I started by importing a vector file (a  
dxf or microstation dgn file), then created and connect to a new dbf  
database using v.digit. Then, once the database was created within  
GRASS and linked, I modified the dbf file in some dbf program (in fact,  
I think I imported it into Filemaker, modified it there, and then  
reexported it, replacing the original dbf file). This was clearly not  
the way one should have to do things. I've got to say, I used to do  
this sort of thing using ArcView, simply linking databases to  
geographic data, and it was completely easy and transparent there. I  
wish it were easier in GRASS.

I  would still much prefer to connect directly with the filemaker  
databases. Were you able to set up Filemaker as an odbc source?

Good luck,


On Nov 30, 2004, at 1:33 PM, Kurt Springs wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> Update.  I still can not connect to my database, even if it is  
> converted to a .dbf.  I started with db.connect set to dbf and the  
> data base name with string.  It seemed to work fine.  I used  
> v.database.  It also seemed to work fine.  Then I ran  v.in.db, and  
> this is the message I got:
> v.in.db driver=dbf  
> database=/Users/Documents/grass_stuff/Geographic.dbf table=  
> /Users/Documents/grass_stuff/Geographic.dbf/Wedge_Tomb_Geographic_Data  
> x=Easting y=Northing key=Catalogue_Number output=Wedge_Tomb
> Sorry  
> </Users/Documents/grass_stuff/Geographic.dbf/ 
> Wedge_Tomb_Geographic_Data> is not a valid option
> Now the table name is what I used in FileMaker.  When I converted, I  
> just took over the catalogue number, easting, and northing.  Table is  
> a required field, but I wasn't sure what I should use, or perhaps I  
> did not format it right.
> On another note, I still can't convert my old GRASS 5.3/5.4 site files  
> into point vector format.  This is what I get:
> GRASS 5.7.0:~ > v.in.sites input=wedge_tombs output=wedge_tombs
> Input format: dimension: 2   strings: 1   FP:1
> DBMI-DBF driver error:
> Cannot open dbf database: /Users/Documents/grass_stuff/Geographic.dbf
> Like it is still try to connect to a data base rather than the  
> site_list file.  Any thoughts on correcting this?
> Kurt

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