[GRASSLIST:4340] ps.map question

Miha Staut mihastaut at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 10 16:04:52 EDT 2004

Hi all!

Is it possible to specify different eps files for
display with sites (GRASS 5.3) or vpoints (GRASS 5.7)?
For example:

vpoints points1
type point
eps EpsFor1.eps
size 0.1
label izkopi
lpos 1

sites points2
type point
eps EpsFor2.eps
size 0.1
label poravnave
lpos 2

When I run ps.map it terminates without complaints but
in Kghostview the produced file never displays
corectly. Usually an empty page with a different size
than specified. 

If I use only one eps file for the icon everything is

Miha Staut

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