[GRASSLIST:4350] Any way to get s.sample results in GRASS 5.7?

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Wed Sep 15 01:53:49 EDT 2004

For an upcoming project I need to reproduce an analysis I did last year
using GRASS 5.3. This work involved sampling a map of raster areas (i.e.,
zones with the same category or attribute value) using s.sample. In this
way, points that fall near the boundaries of areas will have values that are
a combination of the values of areas on both sides of the boundaries,
weighted according to their proximity to the boundary.

I just realized that s.sample has not been ported to GRASS 5.7 (along with
several other analytical tools for point data). I've been trying to think of
some way to get the same kind of results using GRASS 5.7, but I haven't come
up with anything yet. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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