[GRASSLIST:4396] v.patch problems

Carlos Henrique Grohmann guano at usp.br
Wed Sep 22 16:14:21 EDT 2004

Hello all, 

I'm trying to patch some vector maps in GRASS 5.3, but there are problems. the
maps are contours and spot heights in shape format. when I import then,
everything is OK, the contours have the right z-value, and so the points (in
vector format). the problem is when I try to patch them, and the final result
comes with completely different z-values. all labels are changed.
any ideas?
thanks in advance

        Carlos Henrique Grohmann - Guano  
  Geologist M.Sc - PhD Student at IGc-USP - Brazil
     Linux User #89721  - guano at usp dot br -

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