[GRASSLIST:6313] GRASS 6 install: Lost in dependency hell

Olwe Melwasul olwe at darkgreen.org
Sat Apr 2 16:57:11 EST 2005

I'm trying to install GRASS 6.0 on Linux Fedora 3. Had lots of trouble 
with rpms getting lost in dependency hell, having to install manually 
gdal, geos, fftw, etc. Now I can't get GRASS ./configure to run: It 
wants fftw.h and there is no fftw.h in the latest (3.0.1) version. I 
found a fftw3.h in /usr/local/include, so I did a symbolic link, but now 
it complains:

checking for fftw.h... yes
checking for location of FFTW library...
checking for fftwnd_one in -lfftw... no
checking for fftwnd_one in -ldfftw... no
configure: error: *** Unable to locate FFTW library.

I'm guessing I need some other version of fftw? Any ideas?


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