[GRASSLIST:6317] color table on 256 color displays

Kingsley Burlinson kgb at synix.com.au
Sun Apr 3 00:55:24 EST 2005

Hi grass list
I have just compiled grass 6 on solaris, and I only have the SUN GX 256 
color graphics card.
In Grass5 I could run d.colormode and set it to float to display images. 
The grass 6 documentation refers to d.colormode, but it is absent, and 
the grass5 version of d.colormode is unhappy with grass6 !!

> GRASS 6.0.0 > d.colormode    <<< d.colormode stolen from grass 5.0
> ERROR: program 'd.colormode' cannot be executed because: Neither a command
>        line (cmd) or interactive (inter) version was found

Although xcolor changes the display to floating, the graphics monitor 
window is unaffected.
Is there a grass6 method to access float mode for 256 color displays please?

(Is there support for a rastergraphics true-color display card ??)

ALSO: I had some trouble getting grass6 to work in gui mode, which was 
because I did not have opengl libraries. Although the requirements does 
not specify that these are needed for gui mode (only for nviz), the tcl 
init code looks for information in the nviz directory, so unless you 
have opengl and compile with nviz enabled, the GUI interface does not 
work. Perhaps this dependancy could be added to the requirements 
information to help those of us who do not have an opengl and don't 
think we need one!

Kingsley Burlinson    Darwin

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