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Chris Widga cwidga at ku.edu
Wed Apr 6 15:13:45 EDT 2005

On a somewhat related note...I too am new to GRASS. I've been trying to work 
with the Spearfish57 dataset in GRASS 6.0.0 (Cygwin) downloaded from the 
GRASS webpage. When I try to import or display the raster datasets (Display 
Raster Map or Import Raster Map) they do not show up in the GUI dialog box 
(both the PERMANENT and user folders show up, but nothing is visible in 
them). I've tried to open/import through the command window too, (e.g., 
d.rast elevation.dem) but also no luck. Anybody have any ideas? Do I need to 
convert the data or something?


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> Hi List-
> I'm new to grass and have a couple of questions that I don't see
> answered in the archive.
> 1) Is the grass-doc list down or inactive?  I saw a request for
> volunteers at http://grass.itc.it/gdp/index.php and joined the list but
> haven't seen any activity and the archives show the last activity in
> 2003 I believe.
> 2) I just ordered M. Neteler, H. Mitasova, 2004. Open Source GIS: A
> GRASS GIS Approach. Second Edition because I'm sure the book will be a
> great resource for a newbie like me, but my question about it is this:
> can I expect to find examples and tutorials that hold my hand
> step-by-step in performing some number of the things that grass can do?
> I tried the online documentation and tutorials (everything that one can
> get to from the grass web pages) and although I'm sure they would be
> very helpful for someone well-versed in GIS software in general (not yet
> true for me), I was totally bewildered by them.  I have grass installed
> and running with no problems.  I just don't know what to do with it or
> how to do it.  I tried just fiddling around with it hoping that by doing
> so, it would become clear what this and that are for, but it wasn't
> helpful to me (just dense I guess).  I think I need data sets and
> examples that tell me exactly what to do (step by step) in order to
> accomplish this or that and then perhaps even some sort of conceptual
> explanation of what this is good for.  Will the book help me with that?
> If not, can someone recommend a general GIS learning resource for
> someone relatively unfamiliar with it?  I'd be very grateful.
> TIA.
> -- 
> -Kevin
> http://www.gnosys.us

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