[GRASSLIST:6365] Re: Startup Error GRASS60

Kingsley Burlinson kgb at synix.com.au
Fri Apr 8 03:17:01 EDT 2005

Hi Duster
This is precisely the problem I encountered and mentioned to the list
last week. You MUST have nviz and therefore opengl also, in order for 
the grass6 gui to work. These items are NOT optional, contrary to the 
statements in the "requirements" on the grass6 web page.

Although the REQUIREMENTS states that you do not have to compile nviz -
in fact you DO need to compile Nviz to get the grass6 gui to work .
Without nviz, you get this error message. You need to recompile and
ensure that you build nviz.
And perhaps the reason you did not build nviz was because you do not
have opengl on your system. That will prevent nviz from building. (That
is the problem I had). You will have to ensure you have opengl (see the
link to mesa on the requirements page if you need an opengl) and compile
it then rebuild grass to solve this error problem.

Opengl and nviz were NOT required in grass 5 - but in grass 6 they are
DEFINATE REQUIREMENTS if you require the GUI interface.

Check the end of the configure output and make sure it is including 
nviz. In your grass6 installation directory you should have directory 
nviz within the docs directory, eg  /usr/local/grass6/docs/nviz. Without 
nviz, there is no nviz directory within docs and the grass6 gui will not 

Kingsley burlinson

here is the error I received before I built nviz:
> solidus{kgb}621: grass6 -gui
> Cleaning up temporary files.....
> Starting GRASS ...
> Error in startup script: couldn't read file "/usr/local/grass6/docs/nviz/help.tcl": no such file or directory
>     while executing
> "source $env(GISBASE)/docs/nviz/help.tcl"
>     (file "/usr/local/grass6/etc/gis_set.tcl" line 36)
> Error in Tcl/Tk startup. If necessary, please
> report this error to the GRASS developers.

Düster Horst wrote:

 >I compiled grass60 from source code today. The compilation process works
 >well without any error messages.
 >I try to start grass60 with the command grass60 and the following messages
 >WELCOME TO GRASS              Version 6.0.0         2005
 >   1) Have at your side all available GRASS tutorials
 >   2) When working on your location, the following materials
 >      are extremely useful:
 >      - A topo map of your area
 >      - Current catalog of available computer maps
 >   3) Check the GRASS webpages for feedback mailinglists and more:
 >      http://grass.itc.it/
 >      http://grass.ibiblio.edu/
 >Hit RETURN to continue
 >Starting GRASS ...
 >Error in startup script: couldn't read file
 >"/usr/local/grass-6.0.0/docs/nviz/help.tcl": no such file or dir
 >    while executing
 >"source $env(GISBASE)/docs/nviz/help.tcl"
 >    (file "/usr/local/grass-6.0.0/etc/gis_set.tcl" line 36)
 >/usr/local/grass-6.0.0/etc/<UNKNOWN>/<UNKNOWN>/.gislock: No such file or
 >ERROR: /usr/local/grass-6.0.0/etc/lock:
 >gisusr is currently running GRASS in selected mapset. Concurrent use not
 >What is wrong?? I'll be grateful about any hint.
 >With best regards
 >Dr. Horst Düster
 >GIS-Koordinator /Amtschef Stv.
 >Kanton Solothurn
 >Amt für Geoinformation
 >Abteilung SO!GIS Koordination
 >Werkhofstr. 65
 >CH-4509 Solothurn
 >Tel.: ++41 (0)32 627 25 32
 >Fax: ++41 (0)32 627 22 14
 >horst.duester at bd.so.ch

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