[GRASSLIST:6450] Flushing grass settings

Jonathan Greenberg jgreenberg at arc.nasa.gov
Wed Apr 13 13:55:21 EDT 2005

Something goofed in a new location creation, and some GRASS setting file
seems to be corrupted (I can't seem to get the LOCATION info set anymore --
grass pretty much bails when I try to launch it).  What are the "setting"
files for grass that I can remove so I can retry setting a new location?

Here's the error its throwing:


Error in startup script: can't read "env_location": no such variable
    while executing
"set location $env_location"
    (procedure "searchGISRC" line 23)
    invoked from within
"searchGISRC $gisrc_name"
    (file "/sw/share/grass-5.7.0/etc/gis_set.tcl" line 1)
/Users/jgrn307/Documents/Projects/Tahoe/grass///.gislock: No such file or
ERROR: /sw/share/grass-5.7.0/etc/lock:
jgrn307 is currently running GRASS in selected mapset. Concurrent use not


I've already tried removing the ./etc/lock file (no good)


Jonathan A. Greenberg
email: jgrn307 at estarcion.net
website: www.estarcion.net
AIM: jgrn307
MSN: jgrn307 at hotmail.com

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