[GRASSLIST:6499] Re: import of dxf files in grass6.0

Christian Ferreira christian.grass at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 22:38:35 EDT 2005


Anyway you answer is in GRASSLIST at post 6116:


If you want DXF input you have to re-compile GRASS yourself with the
OpenDWG library. This library is not Free-software (although it costs no
money) and you may not redistribute GRASS binaries including it.

see the v.in.dwg help page for more info.

You can not use v.in.ogr to load DXF, as it isn't a supported format
that OGR knows.

maybe someone will write the filter and give to OGR one day..?

DXF export is supported via v.out.dxf in GRASS 6.

There is v.in.dxf in GRASS 5.4, but it works only for older DXF files.
Maybe you could load with that and use v.convert to make it into GRASS

It is hard to load new DXF files in to Free-software such as GRASS as
the format is proprietary. This situation will only get worse if
software patents and anti-reverse engineering laws continue to be passed
by world goverments.


On 4/15/05, Grégoire Pigeon <gregoire.pigeon at meteo.fr> wrote:
> Good afternoon,
> I've installed the grass 6.0 version. I was trying to import dxf files
> and I don't see any more v.in.dxf function. I don't find other solution
> to import dxf files. Is there another function available for that ?
> Thanks for your help.
> Gregoire Pigeon
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> Grégoire PIGEON
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> gregoire.pigeon at meteo.fr

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