[GRASSLIST:6539] Re: Tecahing GIS with GRASS

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 19 00:55:28 EDT 2005

> I am going to teach a coure on GIS and I would like to use GRASS. Some
> questions.
> 1.- Should I introduce the students  to the newer version 6 or use to
> the  stable 5.4

GRASS 6 is a lot more powerful and a lot less arcane. I'd suggest using
it.. a lot less scary.

> 2.- Are there any teaching materials for the lab, tutorials, that
> could  assist me on this task.

start here:

Marcus has his short course:

The GRASS book is very good but aimed at GRASS 5.4. Most raster and GIS
things are the same, but sites and vectors have changed. It is worth 
having a look at.

The GRASS 4.2 Seeds Beginner's Tutorial (Leics) is nice, but somewhat
out of date.

> 3.-How can I overcome thee concurrent access problem,  creating 
> and  account for each user or is there another route.?

GRASS 6 allows concurrent use, just make a different mapset for each
user and keep the read-only but viewable-from-all-mapsets maps in the
PERMANENT mapset. Concurrent use of the same mapset is not allowed, and
users should not be encouraged to start switching mapsets mid-session if
there is a chance of collision. If each user is running from their own
account and the data is central, they should be able to view others
mapsets as read-only so not much danger there.

Would it be centrally installed binaries or run off of an application
server? If app server, you might have to do some (known) hacks to slow
down the 100% CPU use during mouse queries; it's an outstanding issue.


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