[GRASSLIST:6584] Re: [GRASS5] Re: Re: problem importing vector

Lorenzo Moretti lorenzo.moretti at bologna.enea.it
Thu Apr 21 10:09:16 EDT 2005

Radim Blazek wrote

>>After I have followed your method (a bit complex)
>>>v.in.ogr -c -o            (-c is been used with some complex shapes)
>>>v.type type=boundary,line
>>>v.type type=line,boundary
>>>v.clean tool=break
>>and from X11 terminal this method works in OS X and it's fast.
>>This is a good news but the method is not very easy.
>The method is NOT CORRECT! I wrote that here many times:
>v.in.ogr -c + v.clean != v.in.ogr

OK Radim but what is the best method if "v.in.ogr -o" does not work?

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