[GRASSLIST:6620] Re: jumping between mapset

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 25 20:32:05 EDT 2005

> I have a problem regarding maximum nodes under a folder.....
> I'm developed a distributed hydrological model, it generates more than
> 10 raster a timestep, and obviously often few months I reach the
> maximum  possible nodes under a folder. I guess i can override the
> problem  changing mapset (e.g. one different mapset each months or one
> each  variable raster sets).
> I wander how can I perform that.....


With the g.mapset module.


To create a new mapset, it is enough to create a new directory in the
current location directory and copy across a WIND file. Maybe the VAR
file too (and perhaps 'mkdir dbf') if you have a custom database setup.

> maybe just changing $MAPSET env variable is enough?

No. Shell level enviro vars have no effect on modern GRASS (5.4 and 6);
GIS vars must be set, e.g. with g.gisenv or g.mapset.

as always, maps in the PERMANENT mapset are world readable; maps in
other mapsets can be accessed by using map_name at mapset_name or by adding
to the mapset search path with g.mapsets (with an 's').


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