[GRASSLIST:6636] Re: Import GRASS-Data from a distant Location/Mapset

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 27 04:54:48 EDT 2005

> I wonder if it is possible to import GRASS-Data into my
> Location/Mapset from a Location/Mapset wich is storted somewhere else
> in the Network? I'm using GRASS for a GIS-Lecture and each user has
> its own Spearfish-Location/Mapsets. This is necessary, because the
> students also should learn to administrate a whole location.

Note maps in the PERMANENT mapset are read only and accessable from all
other mapsets.

To copy a vector map to another computer, just copy over the directory
in $MAPSET/vector/ and possibly the dbf link in $MAPSET/dbf.
scp, 'tar -czf' etc..

To copy a raster map (as you know) you have to copy a lot of files from
a lot of places... one day the raster format will be rewritten & things
will be easier, but in the mean time I have written a couple little
scripts to pack up a raster map for transport to another machine. r.pack
and r.unpack,


It's up to you to make sure the projection settings are the same.


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