[GRASSLIST:7776] Re: GRASS plugin for SWAT

Huidae Cho grass4u at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 18:38:43 EDT 2005

I've managed to create GRASS 6.0 native Makefiles on top of your work.
The swatgrass directory should reside in the same directory where grass6
(grass 6 sources) exists.

/home/user/grass/grass6		# GRASS 6 sources
/home/user/grass/swatgrass	# swatgrass

Since swatgrass has other directories than swat_input, I've put
Module.make in swatgrass, not in swat_input.  A tar ball is attached.

BTW, it would be great if we set up a CVS repository so that we can
collaborate more efficiently.

Thank you.
Huidae Cho

On Thu, Aug 04, 2005 at 02:03:30AM +0800, Chris George wrote:
> I am pleased to announce that Dr R. Srinivasan of Texas A&M University
> has agreed that the code he wrote to form the GRASS/SWAT interface,
> currently available at
> ftp://ftp.brc.tamus.edu/pub/swat/unix/swatgrass98.1/swat_input.tgz,
> be put in the public domain so that other people can adapt it to make it
> operate with current versions of GRASS and of SWAT.  Specifically he is
> releasing it under the terms of the GNU Public License.  This means that
> you are free to adapt it as you wish.  I suggest that any files which
> are adaptations of his code are given a header containing at least the
> following two statements:
> This software is freely available under the terms of the Gnu Public
> License (GPL) version 2 or later, available from http://www.gnu.org
> This software was originally developed by Dr R Srinivasan
> <r-srinivasan at tamu.edu> of Texas A&M University.
> You might like to go further and make the code part of GRASS by
> assigning the copyright to the GRASS Development Team.  The important
> things are to maintain the GPL and to acknowledge Dr Srinivasan's original
> work.
> I have done a little work on the code for this interface and now have it
> working with Grass 6.0 in Linux.  It still needs work to give it a more
> modern GUI, and I think it may also need modification to conform to
> changes made to SWAT input requirements: I haven't got as far as running
> SWAT yet.  A tar file is attached to this message.  Start by reading
> README.cwg in the swat_input directory.
> If you would like to contribute to the further development of this code
> then please inform me and the individuals in the the To: field of this
> email, so that we can coordinate people's efforts.
> Regards,
> Chris George

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