[GRASSLIST:7820] Re: r.cost execution time

Ellen De Beuckeleer ellen.debeuckeleer at incgeo.be
Mon Aug 8 10:53:10 EDT 2005

thanx for replying. I tryed to run the r.cost on a smaller map and with 
percent_memory=100. Moreover, I did run it with the -v option. It still 
has the problem of getting stuck in the "finding cost path" part (the 
percentage still raises above 100%). If I do the exact same thing in via 
the GUI, the green status bar first fills up slowely and once filled 
completely it starts again and again and again... but then it fills a 
lot faster. I never get an output map. Can this be because there is 
something wrong with my command line?

my region is now:

projection: 0 (x,y)
zone:       0
north:      -5864
south:      -6085
west:       -9543
east:       -9365
nsres:      1
ewres:      1
rows:       221
cols:       178

I used start coordinates: -9533, -6023 for my last run


Glynn Clements wrote:

>Ellen De Beuckeleer wrote:
>>the problem is not solved. My r.cost is still running :(.
>>Any suggestions?
>r.cost performs extremely badly on large maps where only a fraction is
>held in memory. Reducing the region resolution or increasing the
>percent_memory= option will get around this.
>If the region is actually 640x480, you should have no trouble with


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