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David Finlayson david.p.finlayson at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 15:35:30 EDT 2005

If the data is from the US it is more than likely FGDC metadata:


otherwise it is probably ISO metadata which I think is documented here:


ESRI ArcCatelog has a tool for creating metadata and many datasets are
now taking advantage of that. There are a few stand alone tools for
FGDC metadata but I haven't used them much.

Metadata is a good thing and GRASS should get on this bandwagon.


On 8/8/05, ivan marchesini <marchesini at unipg.it> wrote:
> Dear Users,
> I have recently seen that a lot of shp files arrive with a xml metadata
> file...
> do you know if this is a sort of standard??
> is grass able to manage them??
> can qgis manage them???
> do you know where I can find more information about this topic???
> thank you for your answer...
> ivan
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