[GRASSLIST:7869] Re: problems importing SRTM30plus files

Ian MacMillan ian_macmillan at umail.ucsb.edu
Thu Aug 11 13:33:34 EDT 2005

Carlos, I haven't played with this data specifically, but I think there 
are to possibilities.  First, try byte switching the data from big to 
little endian (or vice versa) when you import it.  If that doesn't 
work, I am guessing that null values are handled as -32767, and 32768.  
Use r.null to replace these values with null, then check out your data.


On Aug 11, 2005, at 10:20 AM, Carlos Guâno Grohmann wrote:

> Hello all, I'm trying to import some SRTM30plus (30 arcsec) data I get 
> from
> 	http://topex.ucsd.edu/WWW_html/srtm30_plus.html
> whitch have both land and ocean data,
> but things are strange. r.in.gdal say the format is no recognised, and
> r.in.bin can import, but the data range goes from
> min=-32768
> max=32767
> what am I doing wrong?
> thanks in advance
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