[GRASSLIST:7874] Re: Geographic Data Liscences

Brent Wood b.wood at niwa.co.nz
Thu Aug 11 16:40:05 EDT 2005


see the freegis list archives for th last month or two. This has been a
topic there recently, with some references that may be of interest.

Brent Wood

On Thu, 11 Aug 2005, Dave Sampson wrote:

> Hey Folks,
> I'm interested to gather some resources that helps explain what
> liscencing options exist for Geographic Data. Or perhaps even just data
> in general. Many sources just go straight for the Copyright Act. For the
> public or open domain what exists? The Ottawa GRASS Users Group (OGUG)
> [http://cemml.carleton.ca/OGUG/], is in the process of prepairing
> another publicly available dataset like the spearfish set, however
> focusing on the local region. If you have insight to Canadian liscence
> laws, please let me know.
> Would software liscences or documentation liscences be more closely
> connected to data?
> I figure that Creative Commons can easily be applied to geographic data.
> The Free Software Foundation does not endorse, but cites Design Science,
> a "copyleft" approach. They also list GNU Free Documentation Liscence,
> FreeBSD Documentation Liscence, and Open Publication Liscence.
> GPLdata.com looks promising but no explanation if it is a liscence, or
> just a repository of data. Does their use of GPL relate to GNU Public
> Liscence or some other abreviation.
> What liscence might protect the data gatherer from liability.
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