[GRASSLIST:7914] ***UPDATE*** GRASS MAPS project

Dave Sampson gis at watersheds.ca
Mon Aug 15 18:00:27 EDT 2005

Hey List folk,

I thought it was about time to start poking the gang again about GRASS MAPS.

As a reminder, as a result of the MUM/Open Geospatial 2005 conference 
the concept of GRASS MAPS was born on a patio in the warm evening summer 
air. This project is aimed to bring together a collectiong a maps 
created in whole or in part by the functions avaiable in GRASS. I would 
also entertain anything graphical including charts, diagrams, scotter 
plots and the like.

If you prefer, you are allowed to use other programs like QGIS and GMT 
to produce the graphical output. The important part is demonstrating the 
high quality products you are able to produce through using GRASS as 
part of your GIS workflow.

The final product would be a print on demand PDF available to the world 
for purposes of promoting your recent project and GFOSS.

We have a small number of people that have showed interest, but before 
progressing much further we require a bit more support and those 
interested in submiting. So I would like to ask if you are interested 
(no huge comitment required) please drop me a line so we can keep you 

If you are producing products using GRASS and are not interested in 
submitting to the project I would be interested to understand what 
barriers may exist. Perhaps something can be easily done to conquer 
those barriers.


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