[GRASSLIST:7923] Re: GRASS 6.0 - is there no d.label command in GRASS 6.0?

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 16 11:37:49 EDT 2005

>> I have successfully installed GRASS6.0 on my system and have
>> successfully added modified modules of
>> GRASS5.3 to GRASS6.0
>> But I cant find any d.label command in the GRASS6.0 source.
>> Is there no d.label command in GRASS6.0 ?
>> or is the name of that command changed.
>> Can anyone tell me?
> We have made a list in the GRASS WIKI:
> GRASS 5.3 modules porting status to 6.0
> ->  d.label - functionality pretty much covered by d.text

In GRASS 6.1-cvs I have updated v.label, d.paint.labels, and ps.map's
"labels" instruction to the point where I think it all works pretty
well. In 6.0 the above commands will work but setting font size, e.g.,
might be a pain.

Fine tune placement by tweaking the offsets in the labels file with a
text editor.

If no one else gets to it first I'll update the wiki when I return to
civilization in a few weeks time.

>> Is there anyalternative command to d.rast.labels ?

This isn't like d.rast.num or d.rast.arrow, but could be with a
r.to.vect + v.label step.


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