[GRASSLIST:7951] Re: some (silly?) questions on working with vector points

Maciek Sieczka werchowyna at epf.pl
Wed Aug 17 14:52:44 EDT 2005


I'm not sure, but how about v.in.ascii to another file and v.append with the 
previous one? Or v.patch if you care only for geometry (as v.patch still 
needs not updated to Grass 5.7+).


From: "Carlos Guâno Grohmann" <carlos.grohmann at gmail.com>

>I have this questions on working with vector points, they may be silly..
> say I have some vector points that I importes with v.in.ascii,
> representing cave locations. Then I go on a field trip and find some
> new caves (nice). What would be the best way to update the vector map?
> I can update the table, with sql and db.execute, but then how to
> update the vector?

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