[GRASSLIST:8000] Re: [GRASS5] DEM/GRASS improvements - Knowledge

Maciek Sieczka werchowyna at epf.pl
Sat Aug 20 04:29:32 EDT 2005

From: "Helena Mitasova" <hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu>

> On Aug 19, 2005, at 3:41 PM, Maciek Sieczka wrote:


>> Helena,
>> How does the r.enforce mentioned on
>> http://skagit.meas.ncsu.edu/~helena/gmslab/reports/cerl99/rep99.html 
>> compare
>> to r.carve?
> it is the same thing. It did not get tested much so I am not sure how well 
> it works.

What do I need to do to get it to Grass61 for testing?

> I have found that for our applications a better solution was to include 
> the information about stream channels

Raster or vector channels? Could you elaborate on what you mean by "better"?

> into the flowrouting  program

In Grass or other FOSS?

> rather than change the DEM.

Hmm. Once one has a DEM with drainable channels, which follow their "real" 
path as seen on a map, it is pretty easy to utilize this channel 
information. The stream channel information is embedded in the DEM itself 
then. So any regular GRASS tools for hydrological modelling, r.mapcalc etc. 
are at disposal. But if we want the stream channels data to be external to 
DEM, then special tools to handle such a combination have to be developed as 
well. What do you think? Do we have such tools already in GRASS?


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