[GRASSLIST:8004] Re: vector point sizes in meters in ps.map or display?

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 20 23:08:42 EDT 2005

> I am having difficulties trying to print vector points at meaningful
> (using Lorenzo Moretti's most recent 6.1.cvs on MacOS 10.3.9).
> I have a vector point file with points corresponding to the peaks of
> mounds; mound diameters in meters are stored in the attached
attribute table.
> I have successfully used ps.map to output the points to an .eps file,
but is
> there any way to display or print the points so that their sizes
> exactly to a value in the attribute table (mound diameters)? I see
> d.vect.thematic can do something similar with graduated sizes or
colors, but
> what about exact values?
> If there is no way to do this, could someone point me in the
direction of the
> presumably simple workaround of converting vector points to vector
areas with
> new area diameters derived from the attribute table?

This is not (yet) possible in ps.map. Planned for the future.

In the mean time you can try a couple of things to make a bubble plot:

a) d.vect.chart ctype=pie sizecol=
  then d.out.png ..?

b) write a script that runs v.buffer for each point with dist= based on
the value, then v.patch (and repeat).

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