[GRASSLIST:8047] V.digit (GRASS): Layer disapears, using QGIS as front end

Dave Sampson gis at watersheds.ca
Wed Aug 24 09:17:52 EDT 2005

Hey GRASS/QGIS folks.

I have a base vector layer for a lake that I wish to digitize over.

When I use v.digit and create a new layer, my display blanks, hiding the 
lake layer. The VIEW does not change extents as I can display the new 
dumby vector over the old one after I SAVE AND EXIT. However its hard to 
line up a land feature to the shoreline without seeing the shoreline 
while digitizing.

My work around is to make a dumby vector in GRASSA and then digitize in 
QGIS. Which brings up a second issue. If I delete the dumby vector in 
QGIS before making a new one, the vector file becomes currupt for both 
QGIS and GRASS. So you start with one dumby vector in GRASS, create a 
new less obtrusive dumby vector in QGIS and delete the old dumby GRASS 
vector before you start digitizing. To say the least, a few extra steps 
that would be nice to avoid. This would be a major drawback to using 
GRASS/QGIS in a production digitizing scenario.

How do I use GRASS to digitize a new layer over an existing one. Do I 
need to provide more info to this list?

QGIS 0.7 pre2
Gentoo linux 2.6 kernel

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