[GRASSLIST:8138] Re: d.rgb in display manager

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 30 20:06:17 EDT 2005

> This is the way I imagine it on d.m (image attached)

.. everyone will have their pet modules. Perhaps we could have three
blank buttons which users could set to be whatever they want?

You can do that already with a text editor and some cut and paste of
one of the other buttons.. Tcl/Tk is just plain text and doesn't need to
be compiled. I encourage you to try!

If you are proud of it, post the patch.

icon: color each letter to make it less english-centric.

I'd still like the x0 to x6 buttons to be stacked in a pulldown icon
with x0 on top. The idea is to have the most used functions/modules with
icons, the rest in the menus. "x5" and "d.rgb" get used but not by most
users on any given day so perhaps should remain in the menus for a
default install. If you start adding icons for everything, where does it


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