[GRASSLIST:7040] Introduction and "Cookbook" question

Jeremy Stocks stocksll33 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 7 03:23:23 EDT 2005

Hello there to all the GRASS Users. I am returning to use this software after almost ten years since I have used lots of COTS software. I am impressed at how it is still going strong. I used to use it when it was version 4 ages ago.
Here is my question. I came across a useful "recipe" for converting downloaded Landsat data from the GLCF with GRASS from  http://www.oryx.com/ams/landsat.html and was impressed at how quick one could develop a simple fused Brovey image thanks to this wonderful "recipe". Now I have a question: has anyone developed a "ccokbook" of commands like this, specifically for
SRTM data to contours, aspect and slope.
Importing and using VMAP data in GRASS,
Importing DCW into GRASS,
General topographical analysis e.g, Viewshed analysis and profiles.
I hope this is not a FAQ. Sorry if it is!
Thanks in advance,
Jeremy Stocks. 

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