[GRASSLIST:7065] Re: i.ortho photo help

Luca Penasa luca.penasa at email.it
Tue Jun 7 14:59:16 EDT 2005

Markus Neteler wrote:

>What's the name/number of the camera?
This is the number i see on the photo:

/UAiG 6025 153.26/

Clifford J. Mugnier said me that:
"The camera is a WILD Heerbrugg camera made in Switzerland.  The company is
now owned by Leica.  The lens type apparently is a Universal Aviogon wide
angle lens.  The calibrated focal length is as you stated."

Iv obtained a good work with the metod suggested by Maciek:

"I had a similar problem. Here's what I did:

1 my photos where in written in tiff with correct DPI, so I just

2 opened one in Gimp

3 measured distances between fiducials

4 asked Prof. Pitagoras for help, because I had only 4 fiducials (in 
corners) and the photo was fairly rotated

5 image center is 0,0; coords to the left are negative, positive to the 
right; [mm] is the unit required in i.ortho.photo

If your DPI isn't properly stored in the image but you know it, measure 
distances in pixels, translate to inch -> mm."

Thanks for your help.
Luca P.

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