[GRASSLIST:7102] Re: Upper file size limit to dbf?

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 9 22:15:24 EDT 2005

> I am returning to GRASS after being away for some time. I was
> wondering if the new default vector format (dbf) has a low size limit?
> I am trying to load a 15 Mb x,y,z file of point data (about 550,000
> points). I get a segmentation fault (Signal 11). I am on
> Windows/Cygwin, the file is 2114.dat:
> GRASS 6.0.0
> I should add that it uses an enourmous (>1.5 Gb!) amount of RAM for
> this operation before crashing. I have broken up the file into 100,000
> point chunks and it works fine. However, I want to interpolate the
> points into a raster surface and will need them all in one file
> eventually. So, what can I do?

This was a memory leak bug in the DBF code which was fixed after 6.0.0
was released. It is fixed in CVS, or you can wait for the next version
of GRASS, or you can try using different database such as Postgres or

There may still be a bug in the "Registering lines" part of the import,
so you might have to load your 15M points in 2-3 passes of 5M each? Give
it a try and let us know how it gets on. Join with v.patch or perhaps
v.append from the GRASS Wiki AddOns page?


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