[GRASSLIST:7113] error r.regression.line

Bernhard Reimar Hoefle Bernhard.Hoefle at uibk.ac.at
Fri Jun 10 08:12:12 EDT 2005

I'm working with grass6.1.cvs-i686-pc-linux-gnu-14_05_2005 on fc3.

r.regression.line map1=name map2=name [output=name]

The script works fine if I use the output parameter. But I get the following
error without the optional argument output:

r.regression.line: line 75: RESULTADO: command not found

csh and sh syntax is mixed.

Possible solution:

if [ -z "$GIS_OPT_output" ]
        #RESULTADO = `cat "$TMP"b`
        RESULTADO=(`cat "$TMP"b`)
        echo "y = a + b*x"
        echo "           a, b: coefficients"
        echo "a  b"
        #echo $RESULTADO[1]  $RESULTADO[2]
        echo ${RESULTADO[0]} ${RESULTADO[1]}


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