[GRASSLIST:7137] Re: v.digit

Otto Dassau dassau at gdf-hannover.de
Mon Jun 13 04:17:15 EDT 2005

Am Montag, 13. Juni 2005 01:07 schrieb Konstantinos Theofilis:
> Hi list,
> I am digitizing a map and I have some issues due to the lack of a
> "join" operation in v.digit module. Since I have to start a new line
> everytime I use the "pan" function, I use v.build.polylines to joine
> them afterwards. Trouble is, that the new vector map generated from
> v.build.polylines does not preserve the table structure (the "height"
> column that I add to to the original vector map).
> Any workaround?


you could use Quantum GIS to digitize within the GRASS database, AFAIK it 
allows what you are looking for. 

BTW: There already exists a wish list for v.digit in the bugtracker (03/2005)

1) Visualization of snapping radius.
2) Snapping to lines
3) Snap to vetices and nodes. 
4) virtually snapping to a background map. 

maybe you can add your wish as well, 
but it seems that the development prefers QGIS as digitizing tool.


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