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Thomas Adams Thomas.Adams at noaa.gov
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This has been my experience also; I think the problem lies with the 
group permissions, that is actually, the *group* is different — group 
'users' on one machine is not necessarily group 'users' on another.


Alexandra Miller wrote:

>We've just encountered the same problem while attempting to install Grass,
>on a PC, in a multi-user format.  We have yet to figure out exactly how to
>fix it, but the problem seems to be related to permissions to write to the
>location (however just changing permission settings is not working) when
>multiple users attempt to use Grass.  It seems especially strange that we
>can create new mapsets within locations (and set the search path to the
>originals), but not enter any created mapsets.  If anyone has this figured
>out, we'd love to know.
>Alexandra E. Miller
>Graduate Student - Archaeology
>Arizona State University
>Tempe, AZ
>alexandra.miller at asu.edu
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>We recently had a disk failure, fortunately our GRASS database data was 
>backed up. We are now pointed to the backup until things are restored. 
>The problem is, in GRASS 6 that when the dialog comes up to select a 
>location and mapset, the locations are selectable but no mapsets are 
>listed - but they are there. Since the files are on a different machine, 
>is this a Linux group permissions issue that prevent the mapset from 
>being listed in the dialog? How do I get around this without creating 
>new mapsets?
>When accessing the same GRASS mapsets using GRASS 5.4 I have the same 

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