[GRASSLIST:7179] RE: Gettting off the ground with v.surf.rst

Gordon Keith gordon.keith at csiro.au
Thu Jun 16 01:07:29 EDT 2005

On Thu, 16 Jun 2005 12:30, Tom Colson wrote:
> The below syntax took about 30 minutes to run....one tile of LIDAR
> data...Andy, I think you and I will be working on the same dataset (entire
> neuse) at one run...read the paper on RST and the various parameters, but
> can't seem to find a groove that doesn't bring my workstation to it's
> knees. Read in archives of people getting millions of points done in
> minutes!

I tried using s.surf.rst in grass 5 with 10-100K bathymetry points and 
eventually gave up. I couldn't get it to work in reasonable (<3days) time.

I the end I wound up using s.cellstats to calculate mean or median cell values 
and use them instead. s.cellstats hasn't been ported to grass 6 so until I 
get a significant bit of time to get things working I've been avoiding grass.



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